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Freesat Digital TV provided by BBC and ITV and installed by your local TV Services engineer.

Freesat is FREE of any monthly charges. It boasts FREE HIGH DEFINITION VIEWING! Launched in 2008, It is a joint venture by the BBC and ITV to offer High quality Digital tv programming to every one. It is sent via the Astra satellite which also covers Ireland and that means it is available to you as well

How much does Freesat cost? What Freesat packages do you provide?
Do I need a licence for Freesat? Does Freesat have saorview?
What channels do I get with Freesat? How can I get Freesat?
How does Freesat differ from Free to Air Why TV Services?

How much does Freesat cost?

Freesat has NO monthly subscription, charges or contract to receive the fantastic FREE channels on offer! All you need is the installation of a new Freesat digital satellite system, which is a 'one-off' cost'. TV Services can supply and install a system to suit you

Do I need a licence for Freesat ?

You will already have an RTE license for receiving tv in your premises and no further action is required. Again Freesat is FREE

What channels do I get with Freesat ?

Over 150 TV and Radio channel are available on Freesat including BBC 1,2,3,4 BBC HD UTV, ITV 2, 3, 4, ITV HD, Channel 4, E4, More 4 News Channels, Children’s, Movie channels...

BBC 1   BBC Two   UTV   ITV 2
ITV 3   Channel 4   e4   More4
For a full list of channels available on Freesat, click here to download PDF.

How does Freesat differ from Free to Air?

Freesat boxes are programmed to receive a designated list of TV and radio channels. All the work of listing the programmes in order are automatically done on the freesat boxes. All updates are automatic. They carry a full 7-day EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)

Free to air boxes are programmed to receive all available TV and radio channels whether scrambled on unscrambled from the satellite. The channels received have to be edited in to an order for viewing and there is no EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) available. Updates are not automatic and occasionally receivers will have to be retuned.

What Freesat packages do you provide?

There are 3 varieties of Freesat that we can install.

Freesat SD, from €230

To help you make the most of what you want to watch on your TV, the new Freesat system will have a built in TV programming guide, providing you with up to date TV listings seven days in advance of when your favorite digital television shows are on. There will also be digital subtitles and audio description available.

Freesat HD, from €300

Freesat HD (High Definition) provides up to 5 times greater digital picture quality than standard definition, with much finer detail and more vibrant colours. You will also benefit from improved audio, with some programme’s being available in Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

If you have a HD compatible television, and a HD Freesat receiver, you will benefit from the Freesat channel line up in glorious High Definition, providing greater, sharper and much more vibrant colours and detailed pictures.

Freesat HD Recordable from €500

The new Freesat+ digital satellite television receiver has all the glorious and exciting features such as HD programming and the fantastic ability to pause, rewind and fast forward live TV!

Provided with an integrated hard drive, the Freesat+ receiver will also allow you to record your favorite television shows, and providing you have a second satellite cable feed from your  satellite dish, you will also be able to record one television channel  whilst watching another!

Freesat+ also reduces the need for recordable tapes or DVD discs, because all your favourite programmes are stored directly onto the built in Freesat hard drive!

Freesat+ is the only way to record and watch brilliant Freesat high definition viewing, and with receivers coming with a variety of storage capacity of hard drive space available, you can record from 80 up to 180 hours of free HD programming...

For information and advice on which Freesat digital satellite receiver is suited to your requirements give us a call on 0872362881

Does Freesat have Saorview?

No, Saorview is Ireland’s National Digital Service whereas Freesat is the UK National Digital Service. They are two independent digital providers. However, TV Services can supply and install an aerial which will enable you to receive the Saorview service.

How can I get Freesat ?

Don't forget, Freesat has no monthly charges, subscription or minimum contract. You pay ONLY for the equipment and installation, both of which, TV Services can provide.

Why TV Services?

  • All TV Services Freesat Installers Have A Minimum of 5 Years Experience.
  • Local Freesat Installers, With In-depth Knowledge of Your Area.
  • Full Public Liability Insurances & Guarantees.
  • Quality Materials & Tools To Ensure The BEST Freesat Installations.
  For a full overview of how TV Services can help you switch to Freesat, and provide access to
the Freesat digital service throughout your home, CALL 0872362881 to arrange a visit or...

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